Acai berry
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Acai Berry

This is one of the high antioxidant fruits.



ORAC comparisons: Acai vs. Goji

ORAC is the most commonly used measurement of antioxidant content. "Goji" (a made up name for Wolfberry) has one of the the highest Antioxidant ranking of any food at 25,300 per 100 grams.

However, as the Dr. Schauss study (see article here, freeze-dried acai fruit pulp and skin powder) of the Acai powder found a range from 1550 to 102,690 per 100 grams. Part of this wider range is due to “enzymatic degradation of the fruit.” So Acai - even in powder form after the patented flash pasteurization - is potentially 4 times great than "Goji".

Of course some Acai based drinks contain Wolfberry (again, Goji is a name one particular company made up to brand it's Wolfberry products).

Nutritionists recommend a variety of fruits. Acai trounces Goji.... but Goji is a "super fruit". But so is Amalaki (which is Kiwi or Indian Gooseberry) and Blueberry and Pomegrate and Cranberry and so on. Find a juice with all of these and more and you're in good shape. Don't rely on just one... not even when it's Acai.

Acai berry has practical applications in weight loss remedies. Subjective observations are that the berry assists in regulating metabolism, suppression of hunger during the day, boosting energy and replacing coffee and soda. This is applied together with a colon cleanser.

Akai Berry is a round purple fruit which is native to the Amazon forest and grown on a Palm Tree. The fruit is the size of a grape and more than 80 percent of the fruit is seed. The remainder 20 percent makes up the pulp. Akai berry is a fruit which is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Research has revealed that the fruit contains a large amount of Anthocyanins which are found in purple fruits. The anthocyanins are antioxidants which contain iron, magnesium, essential vitamins, omega fatty acids and many more nutrients which are healthy.

Antioxidants help to cleanse our bodies. Once assimilated by our blood the antioxidants help in freeing radicals which are present in our system, help repair cells and are instrumental in flushing out toxins from our body. Akai berry is also rich in fiber which is great to treat digestive disorders. The Omega fatty acids present in the fruit act as age delaying agents which help to repair skin disorders.

Since the berry is rich in antioxidants, it is extremely perishable and cannot be exported out of the area of cultivation. Therefore the berry is made into a pulp and frozen and then exported to countries where there is demand for the product.


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