Common Medical Disorders
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Body Ailments and Diet

The importance of diet to health, especially in the prevention and cure of illness, is becoming more and more apparent, with articles from doctors and experts more frequently confirming the benefits of natural foods. Various disorders and health problems can be related to an incorrect diet. It is very important for people to understand the importance of antioxidants in maintaining health and slowing the ageing process.

The overconsumption of certain dietary components is now a major health concern for people in the Western World. Fats, sodium, and sugars should not be consumed at the expense of foods that may be more conducive to good health, such as foods high in complex carbohydrates and fiber (vegetables, fruit, and whole grain products).

Orthodox medical circles, when dealing with a disease, usually treat the symptoms with a remedy rather than removing the cause. However, by following the dietary guidelines of the nutrition and health authorities, it is possible to achieve and maintain good health.

Dietary factors play a prominent role in five out of the ten leading causes of death for Americans. We need to emphasize the relationship of diet to the occurrence of chronic disease and to understand how wholesome food is necessary for good health.




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