Energy and Mitochondria
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The mitochondria are the energy power houses of the cell, with a critical role in producing the energy for all physiological process. Some chronic illnesses related to muscle pain and chronic fatigue (e.g., myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), fibromyalgia syndrome, and chronic fatigue immunodeficiency syndrome (CFIDS)), are disorders in which there is a abnormal disruption of mitochondrial energy production.

Reactive oxygen Species (ROS) play a significant role many diseases. To counteract ROS and prevent their damaging biological molecules, oxygen-consuming organisms have antioxidant systems. It has been suggested that mitochondrial dysfunction is related to damage caused by ROS produced as a consequence of increased oxidative stress and insufficient antioxidant defences. ROS levels within the mitochondria are reported to increase with age, leading to increased oxidative damage to mitochondria. This damage leads to a decrease in energy production by some of the cell’s mitochondria. Mitochondrial function is supported by a range of nutritional compounds, including antioxidants and antioxidant support systems. Two important modulators that appear to benefit mitochondrial function are N-acetyl carnitine, which assists fatty acid transport into the mitochondria, and N-acetyl cysteine, which stimulates mitochondrial glutathione synthesis. Glutathione neutralises ROS such as lipid peroxides, and also plays a major role in xenobiotic metabolism (i.e. detoxification of toxic substances) (Percival, 1996).

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