Orange Oil
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Orange Peel Extract Could Fight Skin Cancer

Perillyl alcohol (PEOH), found naturally in mint and citrus fruits and also used as a food additive, is a powerful inhibitor of both UVB-induced non-melanoma and melanoma, reported researchers this week.

The compound has already been shown to inhibit the growth of many cancers and pre-cancerous lesions either by helping to fight cancer-causing chemicals or by interfering with signals that cause rapid cell division (Dr Janine Einspahr from the Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson, speaking at a Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research meeting in the US). Perillyl alcohol is a potent in vivo inhibitor of both UVB-induced non-melanoma and melanoma in a transgenic animal model.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US.


Oranges are mentioned in ancient Chinese writings as early as 2400 BC, and like most citrus fruits, were heavily traded and widely popular as a food and a fragrance. It takes 1,000 lbs. of fresh oranges to make 10 lbs. of Orange Oil. NOW® Sweet Orange Oil is naturally cold-pressed from fresh orange peels. This essential oil is 100% pure.



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