Practical Use
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Practical Applications and Examples in daily life

Weight Loss

Abby's Diet Journal outline how she used antioxidants to lose weight. On her popular site she explains that by using only Acai Berry Supplement and Colon Cleanser, she lost significant weight in just 3 weeks! Acai is packed full of anti-oxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. She used Rachael Ray's and Dr.Oz's recommendation of the Acai Berry Supplement and the Colon Cleanser. In one month, she lost 21 lbs.

Skin cancer

Various reports exist on the effectiveness of eggplant in treating skin cancers. Some report a combined orange oil eggplant/vinegar treatment to be effective.


  • medium sized eggplant
  • white vinegar


Chop up eggplant & place in a glass jar (not plastic) Pour in enough vinegar to cover eggplant, cover with a lid & place in the door of the fridge for 3 days.

Every time you go to fridge for something, give the jar a little shake. After 3 days the liquid will turn a gold brown colour, strain the liquid & keep refrigerated in the glass jar.

How to use:

“Can be dabbed on to melanoma several times a day or can soak a cotton ball in the liquid, place on top of melanoma & cover with tape (low allergenic kind) change at least twice a day. Need to do this for at least 2 weeks to kill off the melanoma. It only attacks the bad cells."

Orange oil and eggplant

“If any one tries this combination I would recommend treating your problem spots and areas for 1 or 2 days with orange oil then 1 or 2 days with eggplant vinegar and maybe taking a rest day or 2 every now or then. Or what ever combination works for you. On the days you treat your problems really try for 2 treatments in one day it works better. The treatments can be back to back.

When putting the orange oil on the cancer spots for the first week its going to sting like crazy for a short time but it will stop after about 15 minutes. As the cancer heals more the stinging will get less and less.

You can use the eggplant/vinegar mix in 2 ways one just put the blended pulp on the skin and let it sit for about a hour or 2. The good thing about the pulp is you can put it all over your face or arm or where ever it will not hurt the healthy skin but will find the cancer spots. The same goes for the orange oil you can put it every where.

The 2nd way I have used the eggplant/vinegar is to strain the vinegar from the pulp after blending and dip a cotton ball in the vinegar juice and put the Cotton ball on the problem spot use tape this is less messy.

General health

Simply focussing on high ORAC foods can improve your general health. Vitamin C and vitamin E work in synergy so that the two vitamins taken together, generate better effects than when they are separately used. Vitamin E captures free radicals in the cell membrane (fat soluble vitamin) while vitamin C splits up the free radicals chains contained in the organic fluids (water soluble vitamin). The two vitamins cause an appreciable increase of the antioxidant agents activity. Cocoa supplies a very high dose of antioxidant power. However use pure cocoa and sweeten it to your taste. Cinnamon is another powerful ORAC product.

Blood sugar

I have been drinking a cinnamon tea on a regular basis, and my blood glucose has come down a great deal. The cinnamon tea has helped control my diabetes. I'm just curious as to whether this has been proven or tested.

- Rudy
Corpus Christi
, Texas



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