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There are a number of sources for health products. Here you can shop for various health products. Information for healthy living is available and it is up to us to apply it.

A quick and easy start to boosting you dietary antioxidants is:

  • Five dried prunes per day;
  • Green tea - three cups daily;
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E taken together daily;
  • A cup of cocoa sweetened with honey daily (or 40 grams of dark chocolate);
  • Red skinned peanuts (or a good quality peanut butter);
  • A few walnuts or pecan nuts daily;
  • Red kidney beans added to your daily diet;
  • Available berries added to your diet: dog rose, sour cherry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, crowberry,
  • Green leafy vegetables included as a regular part of the diet;
  • Add the spices, cloves, ginger, cinnamon,



Always consult your doctor. This site is for information purposes and does not prescribe products. Confirm all details with a specialist (see disclaimer).

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