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Hormonal imbalances can be a factor in the cause of obesity. The endocrine system, which secretes these messenger molecules called hormones into the blood circulation, is being more closely examined by a few open-minded endocrinologists. Purely endocrine organs such as the pituitary gland (at the base of the brain), the pineal gland (on the roof of that part of the forebrain known as the diencephalon), the thyroid and parathyroid glands (in the neck), and the adrenal glands (sitting on top of the kidneys), together play a major role in the normalisation of weight according to physical height, frame size, and body type (ref).

Some scientists now think that free radicals impair purely endocrine organs just enough to cause a biological malfunction in them, resulting in a hormonal imbalance of some kind. This hormonal imbalance causes biochemical "shifts" in the way the body both stores and utilises its carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The sensible way to reverse this growing trend, they argue, is simply to introduce more antioxidants into the body which can then curb or hold in check much of the mischievous activities of these errant free radicals. Control them and you restore hormonal balance to the endocrine system; with this accomplished, weight normalization again occurs.

Overweight and obese people have high amounts of free radicals circulating within their bodies. Antioxidants reduce these free radicals by shutting down the very process of oxidation that keeps them active. Higher intakes of antioxidants reduce free radicals that are injuring the endocrine glands, and thereby enable such organs to readjust their hormonal output that can rid the body of much of its unwanted weight.

Barley grass

Barley grass is as effective as the Chinese wolfberries as an antioxidant, with an ORAC value of 25,500! AIM BarleyLife® is bursting with nutrition. It contains 2 times the beta carotene found in an equivalent weight of raw carrots and about 25 times that found in an equivalent weight of raw broccoli. Beta carotene is an important antioxidant known to protect cells.

AIM Proancynol 2000®

AIM Proancynol 2000® combines the proven antioxidants found in green tea and grape seed extracts with powerful antioxidant "newcomers" N-acetylcystiene and alpha-lipoic acid, as well as rosemary extract, selenium, and lycopene.

AIM Just Carrots®

Beta carotene  is a potent antioxidant. AIM Just Carrots® has one of the  highest sources of natural beta carotene - up to 700 percent of the  U.S. government's Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). Drinking one  glass of AIM Just Carrots® provides you with 35,000 International  Units of beta carotene.

Acai Berry

The high antioxidant Acai berry has been successfully used together with a gut (colon) cleansing product to speed up weight loss in a healthy way. See the practical applications section.


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